NMS Sinabelkirchen - a very special school

 As an important part of the local community, our school is well supported by the local council (new sports-grounds, new gym, school-yard with children’s playground, almost complete conversion of the old school; and much more…) 
Autonomy of subjects
Our optional subjects allow each pupil to develop his/her individual talents. 

  • Information Technology starting in Year 1
  • Preparation for the ECDL exam
  • Keyboarding from Year 1 onwards
  • Optional subjects in year 3 and 4: ItalianArtSportsITAdditional computer science instruction.
  • Foreign teaching assistants, mainly native speakers of English
  •  Our school offers numerous extracurricular activities, designed to develop on what is taught in our classes;  Project weeks, ski courses, swimming weeks, language weeks in England and project days in Italy (when desired), excursions to Vienna, music shows by our young artists etc.

Focus on Computers
 Our school is well-known both for its up-to-date equipment and for the use of computers in teaching. So far we have two IT suites with 40 computers. In addition, two notebook classes have been established in the past year.
 Notebook class - an exciting novelty 
Almost unique in Austria, or indeed across the entire German-speaking area, is the use of the notebook at this early stage in a child’s education.Each pupil is equipped with a notebook, which may be and actually is used in as many subjects as possible. This portable computer adapts according to his needs, from an exercise centre in Maths and German into a language lab in the English and Italian lessons, to a TV screen for animations and short movies in Biology and Science, allowing multimedia tuition at its best. All the computers are of course connected to the internet. Almost half of the costs for these notebooks were provided by the local council. Therefore, parents had to pay less than half of the price.

Focus on Languages
English is offered as a media of instruction. Various subjects Pupils are encouraged to get information from English texts and express themselves properly in the target language in order to achieve a higher flexibility.
Italian is taught as an optional subject from year 3 onwards; mainly to deliver a sort of “survival language” useful in holidays, but also in preparation for a 4-day trip to Italy, which ends the 2 years of Italian tuition.

Focus on Art 
In the optional subject “Bildnerisches Gestalten” the pupils are encouraged to express their own ideas in different techniques and materials .It allows them to develop their creativity and their personality. 

Focus on Sport
 Both to counteract the lack of physical exercise pupils are facing nowadays and to offer new opportunities to children who are actually keen on sports, a sports class has been established. This also meets the wishes of many parents in our village. 
Emphasis is not only placed on results in sports events however, but also on personal fitness, team spirit, relieving tension and aggression, experiencing victory and defeat. 
The excellent co-operation with the local council allows us to provide outstanding facilities for this school focus. (New gym, tennis courts, football pitches, beach volleyball court, track and field facilities, skating rink in winter…)

The Project Weeks

Summer sports

Year 1 : Wörthersee or Neusiedlersee or Mariazell

Ski course

Year 2 at Planneralm

Project weeks

Year 3 depending on focus: Neusiedlersee, Ausseergebiet, or other

Vienna or London

Teachers, parents or pupils choose destination

 Our IT syllabus





Familiarisation with the keyboard, how to type properly,
1 period per week.

Further typing practice, how to make use of the PC
(word processing )
1 period per week

Preparation for ECDL (European Computer Driving License)

WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PHOTOSHOP and other programs and Applications
 1 period per week, 1 extra period optional.
Technical drawing on computers.

In addition to year 3: extended training and ECDL exams; creating web pages - 1 period per week, 1 period optional. Technical drawing on computers.